Men’s Golf Shirts, Crewnecks, and Belts – What Every Modern Golfer Is Wearing

Men’s Golf Shirts, Crewnecks, and Belts – What Every Modern Golfer Is Wearing

April 04, 2016

Forget what TV golfing characters are wearing on the golfing green and forget that old stereotype of golfers being dressed from head to toe in plaid, golfing cap and all…it’s 2016 and it’s the real world. If you’re looking to shine on the golf course and tee off looking as cool as you play, you’ll need to follow some of the golden rules of the modern golfer from choosing the golfing polo shirt to getting the belt right.

The Golf Shirt – The Classic Staple

There are times and places when you should let it all hang out, and the golf course and golf club are not some of these. When it comes to choosing the right golf shirt, comfort is obviously key, but there are some other things you need to take into consideration (if you want to look modern and cool). Every golfer, no matter what your level is, needs a good classic golf shirt with 3/4 sleeves that reach down above your elbow. If you’re buff and in good shape, you can afford to go a bit higher and show off your toned arms, but going below the elbow and concealing it completely is an absolute no-no!

Crewnecks and Golf Polo Shirt Combo

Crewnecks and golf shirts can go together, there’s no doubt about it, but it’s unbelievable about how many guys get it oh-so-wrong! The general rule of thumb is to keep your golf shirt inside. Keep your collar in and polo shirt bottom tucked in for a cleaner smarter look.

Pant Length – It Matters

While it doesn’t affect your game per se, you want to keep your whole appearance on the golf course smart, so if you opt for pants instead of shorts, the pants should just kiss the top of your golf shoes – in other words, they should be no longer and no shorter than this (no excuses)!

The Same Goes For Shorts…

Despite what many might think, a decent pair of tailored shorts together with your favorite golf shirt is a fresh look, but there are some rules you ought to follow. Your shorts should always fall just above your knees. Any other way is not acceptable. Shorts, which are too long, create a sloppy look whereas short shorts are…well, no comment!

Don’t Let Your Rainwear Bring You Down

You could be dressed in the best golf polo shirt and pants in town, but you could let your entire golfing look down with some poorly fitting rainwear. Your golf rainwear is just as paramount as the golf apparel you’re wearing underneath. Not only does oversized clothing look terrible it also gets in the way of your swing, so if this isn’t a good enough reason to wear some smart-looking golf rainwear when it’s a little drizzly out, what is?

Don’t Make It All About Your Socks…

Socks, like a decent hairstyle, shouldn’t stand out. You’re classy not brash, so stick to plain neutral colors in black, white and beige, and make sure they stop at the ankle.

Match The Belt

Once upon a time men were told to match their belt color to their shoe color – not anymore, so unless you want to be considered old-school (which by the way is not retro cool), match your belt to your golf shirt instead and try to pull the whole look together this way.

Patterns Can Work

It’s possible for patterns to work, but one wrong step and it can go all wrong, very wrong! Double patterns (i.e. patterned pants together with patterned shirts) don’t go well together, so it’s not even worth experimenting with it. The trick is to go with the less is more look; don’t allow the pattern to dominate and you should be safe.

Think Versatility

It’s quite probably you’re a regular on the golf course. Of course, buying a new golf outfit for every session is not feasible, which is why you need to look at the staples – the clothes for golf that offer the most versatility. Khakis are perfect. They’re simple, and they go with pretty much everything, and the same goes for a well-fitting classic golf polo shirt.

Bold Pants, Plain Golf Top

Choose the area you want to draw attention to. These day bolder colored pants are all the rage, and that’s fine, but just make sure you pair them with a simple golf shirt, otherwise you could be in danger of looking like a mascot instead of a seasoned golfer. The same goes for the other way round – if you’re wearing a brightly colored golf shirt, coordinate it with simpler bottoms.

Make Statements Other Ways

Many people, especially new golfers, think to make a golf fashion statement you need to always wear something bright. This is not the case, and it’s quite feasible and more than acceptable to choose shades from the same palette – this, in turn will help you create more of a balanced look instead of the “Hey, look at me” look.

The Little Things Count

It doesn’t matter where you are whether it’s on a golf course or in the office; sometimes it’s the little details that are more effective. Adding a brightly colored belt can add the necessary pop of color to an otherwise plain-looking ensemble.

Belts can also draw more attention to your waistline. This is fine if you’re a 6ft muscular model, but most people don’t fall into this category, so keep it simple.

Ditch The Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts are another huge no-no when it comes to golf style and fashion. They look sloppy, and in fact a number of private golf clubs have even banned them (with very good reason).

Gentlemen, You Need A Collar

Collars aren’t necessary at the golfing range, but if you’re on the green, many golf clubs state that a collar is mandatory in their dress code. Golf polo shirts are the best thanks to their moisture wicking properties, smart look, and fabric elasticity.

Pant Length

Pants that are too long not only look terrible they can also get in the way of your play. Don’t allow your pants to drop lower than your waist, which is another reason to wear a belt.

1985 No More

1985 is long gone. Pleats were a passing trend, they didn’t stay around for too long, and there’s a very good reason why. They add unnecessary fabric, which results in drawing the eye to areas that don’t need the attention…if you get what we’re saying.

A golfer should always look smart. This is not even an unwritten rule, because it’s quite clearly stated in most private golf clubs’ policies. One of the most important pieces of golfing apparel is the golf shirt, because this is something that can make or break an outfit. Aqua Design knows men’s golf style well. We’re passionate about sports, and we know how important it is to look the part when you tee off. It’s now cool to play golf, so you’ve also got to make sure you look cool while playing.

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