From Golf Shirts to Zepp Golf, Things for The Modern Golfer

From Golf Shirts to Zepp Golf, Things for The Modern Golfer

May 09, 2016

Like with anything, practice makes perfect. The word ‘practice’ conjures up images of being forced to practice things as a child when you really didn’t want to, such as piano practice or something similar.

Unfortunately, the reality is, we have to practice, unless of course you’ve got some unnatural superpower talent that makes you perfect without even trying, but this is hardly reality. Sadly, these superhuman powers are only for our favorite superheroes.

Golf, is one of these recreational sports that takes a lot of practice and a load of patience. Of course you need your standard golf kit that comprises of your golf shirt, pants, and shoes, but there are also a couple of other things that you could get to improve your game and golf practice. It’s all about maximizing your time and your swing.

There are a lot of gimmicky things out there, especially when it comes to golf equipment, but not everything works. In fact, the majority of it is just gimmicky. But we’ve gone beyond the standard testing, and we’ve uncovered some great golf devices that could really help you. So, it’s time to get your golf shirt and shoes on, and hit the green with these mind-blowing golf devices and accessories.

1. Tiba Putt

Sometimes you might be a good putter, but sometimes, you might just be having an off day and your putting goes all awry…don’t you just hate those days? Usually the latter’s because you’re moving the putter head in the wrong direction and not back and through like you should. The Tiba Putt helps achieve a consistent golf stroke no matter what kind of putter you are.

2. Zepp Golf

Sometimes there’s no better feeling in the world than getting ready for a day out on the golf course. You grab your sun hat and you’re off. Then there are other days when you just can’t be bothered…let’s face it, no matter how much you love your chosen sport or activity, practice can be boring, especially if you feel like it’s fruitless practice.

Zepp Golf puts the fun back into golf practice. In short, these are sensors that will help take your game to the next level. Some of the world’s greatest golfers rely on Zepp to improve their game. It’s pretty straightforward. All you’ve got to do is select your training targets, and you’ll be able to continue practicing and perfecting your swing while receiving instant feedback that you can use for the next hole. You’ll soon be moving away from the driving range to more challenging greens.

3. Plane Sight

Use your Plane Sight at home or at the golfing range to reinforce your club’s path on its downswing. Lasers point out of the end of the club, which will help you get your shot right out down your target line.

4. DST Compressor

DST, or Delayed Strike Technology, forces you to find, practice and perfect the best impact position. Sometimes it’s really easy to slip into old habits or grow lazy with your game, so whenever you notice you’re turning and flipping stops, you know it’s the right time to bring your DST out.

5. Alignment Sticks

Alignment sticks are pretty cheap, and using these will help reinforce your body and target alignment. These are physical aids that simply lie next to your feet and club’s path lines…sometimes it’s just the simple things.

You could even use them as swing plane reinforcements by simply sticking them in the ground behind you at an angle.

6. The ‘Fit’ Bag

Owning a golf bag is a given when you take up golf as a hobby. The new ‘fit’ bag can be described as a hybrid bag, falling somewhere between a carry bag and a Sunday bag. If you don’t fancy lugging your whole golf set out onto the driving range or golfing green, the ‘Fit’ bag is ideal. The great thing about a golf bag like this is that it’s made out of heavy-duty material and has ample pocket space.

7. An Aqua Design Golf Shirt

One mistake many novice golfers (and even the more seasoned ones) make is that they’re not dressed appropriately when playing golf. Believe it or not, a quality golf shirt can make all the difference. You need to be able to move with ease, so you can easily get your swing right. There’s nothing worse than feeling restricted in the clothes you wear when playing golf.

If you’re a serious golfer (or you aim to become one), you need a seriously comfortable golf shirt. Golfers stay outdoors for long hours, which is why you need to look for a quality golf shirt with breathable fabric that has both moisture wicking properties and has the ability to reflect UV rays.

Men’s and women’s golf shirts from Aqua Design allow you to maintain and perfect that swing, but they also help you stay cool, dry and protected from the sun, something which is so important when spending all day on the golf course.

Another great thing about the Aqua Design golf shirt is that it has a fresh look with water-inspired panels down the side. With the Riptide Golf Shirt added to your golfing gear, you’ll be able to move from the golfing green to the club rooms without having to change, because you’ll still look suave.

If you’ve been playing golf for some time now, you’ll already know it can be quite an expensive sport. The best thing to do is start stocking up on the golfing basics, such as your lessons with a pro. After this, you can go ahead and get your clubs, golf bag, balls, tees, and all your preferred golfing gadgets to perfect your swing and make you a golfing champion.

We said it before and we’ll say it again, practice makes perfect, and over time, once you’re fully kitted out with some of the coolest golfing gadgets on the market to maximize your golfing talents, you may find yourself on par with some of the world’s golfing legends. You probably already know this, but life is so much better when you’re out on the golfing green playing and very soon it will become a lifestyle.

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Women's Sizing Chart | Aqua Design

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Aqua Design Sizing Chart

Headwear (Left) and Face Mask Tube (Right) Size Chart

Measurement Guidelines

Shirts: [1] Chest. Measure around largest part of chest with measuring tape around shoulder blades and under arms. [2] Sleeves. Bend elbow and measure from the center back neck, around shoulder, past elbow, to wrist. Note: All long sleeve shirts feature a button tab that allow it to double as a rolled-up short sleeve. [3] Neck. At the narrow-most part of the neck, measure around the circumference.

Pants: [1] Waist. Measure around the waistline with a loose tape. Round to the next size up. Note: All waistbands have elastic in rear of pant that provide a flexible, comfortable fit. [2] Seat. Measured 8" below top of waistband. [3] Inseam (Voyager Pants). Measured from crotch to leg opening. [4] Rise. Measured from crotch to top of rear waistband.

Headwear: [1] Measure circumference across forehead (above brow) above the ears to the back. For all headwear, one size fits all from hat sizes:
6 1/2 (20.5" [or] 52cm) to 7 7/8 (24.625" [or] 63cm)

Select the size range that fits your actual measurements: