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There once was an enthusiastic fly-fisherman whose passion was walking salt water flats in search of cruising sports fish. The problem was, whenever he quietly waded close to a pod of approaching bonefish, they typically spooked and bolted away like torpedoes.

So in the mid-1990’s, the angler finally had this epiphany, “if I can see the fish, the fish can see me.” That realization was the beginning of Aqua Design skyward camouflage. Water photography in various colors blending into nature and printed on fabric. Camouflage to blend skyward from the fish’s perspective.

Aqua Design 2.0 began in July of 2000 when the young company was purchased by Jerry and Mary Lou Tlucek. Under their directive, the team began to expand on the idea of sun-protective, water-inspired apparel for both women and men. After a complete redesign of the photographic pattern and colors, a new and improved version was launched.

Fast forward to today, the exclusive water pattern is a favorite of thousands in all types of lifestyle options. Styles include beach, surf, swim, snorkel along with hunting and fishing clothing. Vibrant 3-D colors, excellent UPF sun protection, and innovative styles are all reasons why we have so many repeat customers.

Water infused clothing with you in mind is the heart and soul of what we do at Aqua Design. We want you to look great and stay protected from the sun for all your water adventures.

We love our thousands of awesome customers!


Jerry Tlucek/President

Jerry and Mary Lou | Aqua Design 

When Jerry is away from Idaho and his dairy farm, you can occasionally find him on vacation with his bride of over 60 years, Mary Lou. An avid fly-fisherman, Jerry has fished from the Bahamas to Alaska and attributed some of his angling success to Aqua Design. By the way, we don’t call it “fishing” around Aqua Design. We call it “field-testing,” and Jerry is our #1 field-tester!

Jerry is also a prolific songwriter and has penned over 150 gospel songs and recorded 16 albums spanning 30 years.


Rex Bledsoe/CEO (Coffee Enthusiast and Outdoorsman)

Rex | Aqua Design


When I'm not chasing fish with my fly rod or home-roasting coffee, I enjoy learning about early American history.

My wife, Gwyneth, and I visited the site of the British surrender in Yorktown, VA where this cannon was used in the siege of 1781. If you are interested in history, Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown should be on your bucket list.

One of the best reasons for being on the team at Aqua Design is reading the many enthusiastic comments from our customers. It's satisfying to know we are helping people protect their skin when enjoying the outdoors by wearing our comfortable, innovative activewear.


Lora Robinson/General Manager

Lora | Aqua Design

I am a Southern girl at heart. I was born and raised in Texas. I love Southern food and Tex-Mex. My very first job as a teenager in Texas involved walking on top of roller coasters. I still love amusement parks and roller coasters. I also have a fascination with carousel horses and collect carousel horse music boxes.

I am the mother of three smart and wonderful children. Okay, they aren’t always wonderful, but I love them to death anyway. They keep me very busy. I love spending time with them.

When not working here at Aqua Design, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, playing games, and reading.


Fulfillment Team

The shipping team works at a different location, and they are too busy filling orders to participate :) Perhaps one day soon, we can use dark chocolate to coax them to take a break long enough and pose for a photo and answer a few questions.

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