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Aqua Sky

Don’t Let Sun Exposure Stop You from a Full Day on the Water

Aqua Design 3-in-1 Camo Guide Hoodie

  • Stay dry with enhanced moisture wicking properties.
  • Stay cool with 100% AquaPoly Microfiber fabric.
  • Stay safe with fabric rated UPF 50+
  • Stay stealthy with 3-D water print camouflage
  • Extra ventilation thanks to the ¼ length zip collar
  • Protect your face with the loose-fit, ventilated face mask featuring anchor buttons to secure the bottom.
  • Protect your hands with integrated thumb slits.
  • Protect your head, neck, and ears with the full size integrated hood.
  • Cast or row with ease thanks to four-way stretch performance fabric.
  • Tuck it in or leave it out with a versatile square-tail design.
  • Long lasting camo print thanks to colorfast colors that extend the life of the vivid camo print.
  • Look sharp with fabric that is virtually wrinkle-free.

There’s nothing more inconvenient than having to stop fishing to lather up with more sun block. The stuff will just sweat off, get in your eyes and get all over your hands and gear. That’s where the 3-In-1 Guide Hoodie comes to the rescue.

With fabric rated UPF 50+, the Guide Hoodie is like wearing high rated sunscreen, that won’t sweat off and requires no re-application. The all-in-one system, created with professional fishing guides in mind, keep’s your entire upper body protected from the sun for a full day on the water. The full-size hood keeps

your head, neck, and ears protected, a tactical ventilation face mask to keep your face protected, and the full-length sleeves with added thumb slits make sure your arms and hands stay protected.

Beyond its excellent sun blocking properties, the 3-In-1 Guide Hoodie is completely decked out in our signature “sky-ward” camouflage, created from real underwater photography, that mimics what a fish sees when it looks up at the sky. Wearing the Guide Hoodie, you can completely conceal yourself, increasing your chances of sneaking up on a fish without being detected.

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All-In-One Upper Body Sun Protection

If full days of sun exposure are anywhere in your future, you need the right gear to stay protected, stealthy and comfortable. The 3-In-1 Guide Hoodie is designed to provide full upper body sun protection for anglers, paddlers, or anyone who loves staying out on the water all day long.

The 3-In-1 Guide Hoodie is essentially an all-in-one sun protection system, complete with a hood, face mask, and thumb slits. The hood is large enough to fully cover the head, neck, and ears, but not too big that it flops around and gets in the way. The comfortable face mask is designed to provide both sun and wind protection and has built in ventilation to keep your glasses from fogging. The face mask also features anchor buttons to keep it secure when the wind picks up. At the end of each full-length sleeve, you’ll find thumb slits that extend the sleeve over the hands and palms to protect the hands from the sun as well as provide extra camouflage.

The Guide Hoodie is made of 100% AquaPoly Microfiber fabric for ultimate functionality, sun protection, and comfort. On those hot, humid days you’ll stay cool and dry thanks to the fabric's enhanced breathability and moisture wicking properties. Your movement will be completely unrestricted every time you cast or paddle thanks to the four-way stretch fabric. The fabric is also rated at UPF 50+ to provide the best in sun protection.

3-D Camo Colors:

Thumb Slits In Camo Guide Hoodie by Aqua Design

Aqua Sky - Ideal for sunny to partly sunny skies

Suggested Wear:

  • Fishing
  • Kayaking
  • Boating
  • Hunting
  • Hiking
  • Leisure
  • Sun Protection


  • Built-in, fully adjustable face shield that is detachable (see photo to right)
  • Face mask anchor buttons to secure bottom for windy conditions
  • Comfortable shock cord face mask adjustment at top
  • Sun protection hood
  • Ultimate UPF 50+ UVA and UVB skin protection
  • Designed for wear in or out of the water
  • 1/4-zip collar for easy entry and added ventilation
  • Side-entry front pocket for useful storage and easy access
  • Loose fit, four-way stretch performance fabric for casting or rowing all day
  • Fast-drying fabric wicks moisture from skin
  • Breathable AquaPoly knit keeps skin comfortable
  • Square tail for in/out wear
  • Wash and hang dry easy care
  • Colorfast colors extend life of vivid camo print
  • Proprietary skyward water camouflage print
  • 85% Microfiber Polyester / 15% Spandex four-way stretch fabric
  • Virtually wrinkle-free
  • Long sleeves with angled thumb slits

Weight: 14 oz., 397 g. (median weight for all sizes)
Add $5 for 2XL, 3XL

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