Renting a Snorkel and Mask? 5 Reasons You Shouldn't

Renting a Snorkel and Mask? 5 Reasons You Shouldn't

February 22, 2016

To Rent Or Not To Rent? That Is The Question.

Snorkeling is a fun water activity that the whole family can do. It’s exciting, it’s easy, and if you want it to be, it can also be challenging; basically, you can choose your own snorkeling level depending on your prior snorkeling experience and how far you’re willing to push yourself.

There’s something special about snorkeling. Imagine heading out on a glass bottom boat while on vacation and having your skipper anchor in the depths of the ocean. Now, imagine putting on your snorkel, mask, and flippers and jumping into the cool crisp water in your swimsuit. Imagine diving under and opening your eyes to see a whole new underwater world through your snorkeling mask. Just imagine…

Choose to float on the ocean’s surface and look down through your mask, or take a daring deep breath and dive below to explore the hidden ocean gems from coral to crustaceans and from fish to interesting ocean plant life.

You might be a seasoned snorkeler or you might be testing the waters (every pun intended) for the first time, either way, you need snorkeling and of course swimming gear. If you’re staying at a beach resort, the chances are you can borrow some of the hotel’s snorkeling equipment or there may be a local rental company dedicated to providing equipment to the masses. Or, if you’re on a snorkeling boat tour, the tour operators will surely provide you with the right snorkeling gear. Nevertheless, there are a number reasons why you should consider investing in your own mask and snorkel, and the reasons are almost the same as why you’d never rent a bikini or swimsuit.

1. Safety Should Always Come First

When engaging in any kind of water activities, your safety should always come first. When doing any kind of diving, whether it’s deep sea diving or snorkeling, you need to make sure that you’re wearing a mask that fits your face perfectly. When you wear an underwater mask that doesn’t fit well, there’s a high possibility you’ll experience leaks in the mask. And when this happens, your vision is impaired, so you’ll likely try to adjust your mask under water, which in turn will cause even more problems, because you’ll just end up panicking underwater. Why would anyone put themselves in such a precarious position when they can own their own snorkel or diving mask that molds perfectly to their face?

2. Comfort Matters As Well

Your comfort, when wearing an underwater mask, is almost as important as the safety aspect; after all, if you don’t feel comfortable, you’ll end up fiddling with your mask, and by now, you should have a fair idea of what this leads to.

If you’ve ever dived into the water wearing a mask that’s pressed against your face and forehead in an uncomfortable way, you’ll know what we’re referring to here. In short, a poor-fitting mask will create an unpleasant diving or snorkeling experience for you, and ladies, you know how uncomfortable a swimsuit that rides up can be, the feeling is comparable.

Let’s get real here; you want to be spending your time snorkeling and enjoying all that wonderful marine life the vast waters of the ocean offer instead of mentally counting how many more minutes you can endure before you have to resurface again and adjust your face mask that’s causing you pain, and while we’re on the point of comfort, make sure you dive in quality swimwear that fits.

3. And Then There’s the Matter Of Basic Hygiene…

Would you ever wear someone else’s swimsuit? How about borrowing their toothbrush?

Have you ever stopped and thought about those snorkels and masks you’re borrowing when on vacation? Have you ever thought about how many other faces and mouths those pieces of snorkeling equipment have actually touched? And what about the fact of whether they’ve actually been sterilized or not after use? The mind boggles.

When you have your own snorkeling mask and snorkel, they’re yours and only yours, so no one else can use it…enough said!

4. Owning Your Own Is Convenient

Who wants to line up in a busy diving rental store to get just a few pieces of snorkeling equipment?

Having your own snorkeling gear allows you to go out and snorkel whenever you like because your gear’s always going to be there. Owning your own mask and snorkel takes away the stress, and of course, it’s going to save you money in the long run, and let’s face it, in today’s world, this also matters!

5. It’s A Fun Investment

There’s nothing wrong with buying fun beach gear. You’re doing it for yourself, and it’s so incredibly true what they say – once you own your own gear, regardless of the sport, you’re most likely going to go out and do the activity you enjoy doing more. Over time, you’ll perfect your snorkeling skills, and if you’re one of those people who like to go hard in the water, snorkeling can also help you get fit.

There are cheap masks and snorkels out there just for a couple of bucks, but at the end of the day, quality snorkeling equipment isn’t going to break the bank either, and it’s certainly going to cost you significantly less than a good night out on the town.

Don’t cut your time in the water short due to uncomfortable, poorly-made, snorkel gear that will sour your experience. When spending the time and money to enjoy the great outdoors, good equipment can make all the difference in fun vs. frustration.

If you’re wondering how a snorkeling mask should fit, stay tuned for more great tips, and if you really want a quality beach attire, Aqua Design can kit you out with our awesome collection of water inspired active wear for men and women.

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