Licensing Aqua Design

Licensing Aqua Design Water Camouflage

Cast A New Vision For Your Product | Decorate With The Original Real Water Pattern From Aqua Desgin

Sell more with Aqua Design. Think about all the products that are used in and around the water - apparel to fishing gear, watercraft, GPS to ice coolers. Since most of the earth's surface is H2O, it only stands to reason that wrapping your vehicle, boat, or merchandise with our exclusive, 3-D Real Water pattern will instantly identify your goods with water. And that means instant market positioning for your water-related products.

Automatic recognition. By decorating with our proprietary pattern, your product will receive immediate recognition by the thousands that have purchased Aqua Design clothing and merchandise over the years. National publications, various sports magazines, television and video have recognized Aqua Design as the leader in water sport camouflage.

We have a custom licensing program to suit your individual needs. From fabrics to flotation devices, boats to buses, Aqua Design will help create a plan to leverage our vibrant pattern to bring new attention to your products. We assist with all the details in making custom vehicle wraps, boat wraps and printing with water-transfer, heat-transfer or roller technologies, including sourcing and quality control. Whether domestic or world-wide use, we will develop a custom license program suited for your organization's needs.

Legal protection. Aqua Design is determined to protect our copyright and trademarks against all infringements. By using our proprietary pattern, you can be assured your investment will be aggressively defended by any illegal encroachments of our exclusive design.

Become a strategic partner. Join the other successful organizations that have licensed with Aqua Design. We have an array of exclusive and non-exclusive product categories available upon request. For licensing or private labeled goods, contact us - click here.


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