Aqua Design Reviews

 "I love my Aqua Design Quest Camo shirt and wear it often especially when fishing around Flamingo, Everglades National Park... I also wear the Quest Camo shirt when I'm fishing the inlets for big catch & release snook during the steamy hot Florida Summer. Kind regards and tight lines & loops."
- Ray Jimenez, Fisherman - Coral Springs, FL

"I have been wearing the Aqua Design shirts for at least 10 years or more and truly believe they help with the catch. I am a professional fishing guide on the pristine Devils River in the great state of Texas. The Devils is crystal clear and 100% spring fed which makes it much harder to get close to fish. With the Aqua Design shirts I believe they enable me to stalk the fish without being detected. I truly believe the patterns of design are what enable me to have a much more productive catch than shirts without. I am a true believer from many years of experience."
- Gerald Bailey, Devils River Outfitters, Texas

"I have well over 5,000 days on the water and have worn about every shirt 'out there.' For many years I've fished Aqua Design shirts all over the world and know two things. First, they are well made, giving years of service and second, the materials used work for me in a variety of climates. I like the pocket design and think the camo is helpful when wading the flats or standing on the deck of a flats boat looking for tarpon or permit."
- Bart Chandler, Flyrod 1 LLC

"Very Nice! How else can I put it? Every angler, or outdoorsman always looks for ways to help them "sneak - up" on the quarry! Aqua Design has hit the mark with their line of Stealthy Fishing Shirts and vests! As much time as I spend on the rivers and tributaries of Steelhead Alley, I won't go without my new Aqua Design Shirt ever again! I'm Hooked...."
- Herb Imondi, - Ohio

"When in the hot steamy tropical heat and dense jungle of the Amazon waters, or trout fishing in the cool, colorful high mountain streams of Costa Rica, the tough Aqua Design shirts are required dress for comfort and successful stealth fly fishing - cool in every way."
- Captain Peter Gorinsky, Outfitter & Tropical Fly Fish Guide - Costa Rica / Amazon

"Aqua Design camouflage is unique technical clothing. In particular, it makes a difference because the beautiful camouflage colors help you get closer to the fish. Furthermore, you can enjoy Aqua Design apparel anytime as casual, comfortable fashion. You'll be surprised how many people will ask where you bought it!"
- Marica Cicoria & Alberto Salvini, International Fly Fishing Photographers & Writers - Rome, Italy

"I love the Aqua Design shirts not only because of their 'blending in with the surroundings' appearance, but also because they are so comfortable. I have the shirts in all the colors and wear them even when I am not fishing. They are not hot at all. The fabric is soft and I receive compliments on wearing the 'new style' and making a fashion statement."
- Jeff Pill, Video Director & Producer - Los Angeles, CA

"Hey folks, I LOVE my shirts. I wear them everywhere. My wife has a mess of pix of us at concerts and on our trips and just about all have me in one of your shirts."
- Ray Antaya, Fisherman - Rhode Island

"I love wearing Aqua Design camo clothing because they are quick drying and comfortable. I enjoy wearing them when it is important to stay dry and be protected from the sun, whether I'm trout fishing in the Sierras or saltwater fishing in Christmas Island."
- Cheryl Bell, Fly Fishing Angler - California

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