7 Fun Ways to Work Out at The Beach

7 Fun Ways to Work Out at The Beach

February 16, 2016

Summertime is the perfect time to relax on a sun lounger on a beach. There’s nothing more relaxing and satisfying than sitting back and watching those powerful waves crash against the sandy shore while you dig your toes into the warm sand. Lying and sunbathing is great, but if you’re also looking to get fit and possibly drop a few pounds, you could also try squeezing in a fun workout session at the beach into your day as well.

1. Swim

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise. It’s a type of resistance training that is easy on your muscles, which is perfect if your body isn't used to exercise. It’s also a fabulous way of achieving a whole body workout, exercising your heart, and cooling off all at the same time. No matter how good you are at swimming make sure you always swim where there’s a lifeguard present and also invest in a comfortable swimsuit that allows you to swim with ease and confidence.

2. Kadima

You may not have heard of Kadima before, but it’s a fun paddle ball game specifically for beach purposes. It’s very similar to tennis but in the sand. This is bound to get the heart pumping and sweat going. It’s a fun cardio workout, and that’s not all – you’ll also have the chance to improve your hand-eye coordination skills at the same time. Kadima requires you to move about a lot and involves short bursts of intense movement. In between, you’ll also have the opportunity to catch your breath, so if you’re looking for a fun interval training exercise, grab your friends and take part in a bit of friendly competition. You’ll want to wear as little as possible since this builds up a decent sweat, but at the same time, you should wear sun protective clothing such as a rash guard to ensure you remain well protected in the sun.

3. Frisbee

Who doesn’t love a good game of Frisbee? And who would have ever thought that one of your favorite beach games could be the perfect way to lose weight and get fit? Frisbee is an easy game, and it really doesn’t take that much skill. Since it’s another form of interval training at the beach, you’ll work up that sweat again…it can get really competitive, and it doesn’t even matter if your opponents can’t play, because at the end of the day you’ll get even more of a workout when you have to chase their misguided throws! Frisbee requires a lot of running about and falling into the sand, so again you’ll need comfortable clothing, which protects your skin from the harmful UV rays. Think along the lines of rash guards and ladies might prefer to wear a skort, which is the perfect piece of clothing for the active woman.

4. Crunches

Who said crunches were just for the gym? The great thing about doing crunches is that you can do them almost anywhere. There’s no rule against doing any form of strength training at the beach, and the best part is you don’t need any special equipment to do them – you don’t even have to leave your towel! While you’re lying down, do a couple of sets of abdominal crunches. They only need to be half crunches since your focus is just toning up. If you’re more daring, you could even try alternating them with a few planks. While you’re doing the planks, it’s essential to maintain a straight back and use your arms, forearms, and toes for support. Ideally, you want to hold your plank position for approximately 1 minute and then repeat. For maximum effect, wear a long-sleeve rash guard for a bit more heat retention and sun protection. You’ll definitely work up a sweat, but the sea’s right there, so you can cool off immediately afterward.

5. Stretching

There’s something special about stretching at the beach, especially first thing in the morning at dawn or later on in the early evening at sunset. Stretching allows you to exercise your muscles in a more controlled and relaxed way while you focus on your breathing with the sounds of the crashing waves in the distance – pure bliss! During the hotter periods of the day, stretch under your beach umbrella to ensure you don’t get burned. For absolute comfort, women should wear a multi-purpose sports bra that doubles up as a cute bikini top to allow the flexibility and freedom to move.

6. Build A Sandcastle

Believe it or not, there are a number of activities that you might already do with your kids that burn the calories. Allow your inner child to come out and build a sandcastle with your children. Building a decent-sized sandcastle requires a lot of digging and carrying buckets of heavy water, and if you build your castle away from the tide line, your arm and leg muscles will get even more of a workout running back and forth for more water. Because you and your family will be fully exposed in the sun, think maximum sun protection with rash guards and headwear.

7. Shells and Rock Pools

Another great family beach activity that will get the heart working is going for a nice long walk along the beach towards the rock pools in the search of pretty stones, shells, and sea glass. Take your bucket with you and pop them in as you go – this is a great way of entertaining kids at the beach, and what’s more, walking in deep soft sand will actually burn a lot more calories than just walking on a flat surface such as a sidewalk – this could be the perfect way to get more muscle definition in your legs. Hats and rash guards are a must; and if you’re going to be standing on sharp rocks, some decent beach footwear is also necessary.

Remember, any form of activity whether it’s in a gym or on the beach requires you to stay hydrated, so make sure you always have a big bottle of drinking water close by. Protect yourself from the sun as much as possible with sunscreen, specially designed UPF50+ clothing, long sleeves and hats. For even more stylish UPF50+ clothing and workout gear, check out Aqua Design’s full range of active wear for the beach.

But most of all, remember to have fun – working out and getting in shape doesn’t have to be a bore, embrace it!

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