7 Ways to Wear Your Swimsuit With Confidence

7 Ways to Wear Your Swimsuit With Confidence

March 21, 2016

It doesn’t matter whether you’re running, surfing, playing beach volleyball or lounging, there’s one thing that many people have in common and that’s their body image. Women (and men) all over the world have body image issues. A person could be a size 6 or they could be a size 16, and they might still share the same body confidence concerns. Body image is especially prevalent as soon as swimsuit season nears. Last bid attempts to diet, tone up, and search for that magical swimsuit, which is going to cover up all the lumps and bumps, take place in the run up to summer. But even if a person does find that amazing swimsuit that covers everything up or manages to lose weight before summer, those body image issues are still going to linger.

You’re not alone!

Everyone – men and women – no matter what their shape or weight is will often feel insecure about what they look like.

While these feelings are negative, there’s some good news.

You can take control of how much self-esteem you have, and this includes wearing your swimsuit, without any angst, at the beach.

It’s summer somewhere in the world, so here are seven great tips and tricks that will boost your body confidence and help you feel attractive in your swimsuit.

1. Focus On What You Love

Every single person has parts of their body they hate, but they also have a part of their body they love. Think about the area you love whether it’s your mouth, your hair, your back, your shoulders or something else, and remember it, embrace it, and play it up. It might sound stupid, but you should always try and make that conscious effort to examine your favorite part more and even give yourself a compliment.

Liking or loving a part of your body doesn’t mean you’re arrogant or self-centered – it’s quite the contrary. What it does do is to help train your brain better to notice the positive. If you repeat this practice enough, you’ll feel more thankful, happy, in a better place, and most importantly more confident in your bikini or board shorts.

2. Scrub It, Work It!

This is bound to make you feel and look better, and contrary to popular belief, scrubbing isn’t just for women! Exfoliating on a regular basis will help get rid of dead skin. It will also unclog your pores and increase the cell turnover, which in turn will help the blood circulate around your body better. What’s more, a simple scrub will boost the skin’s renewal process, which will also mean that both your moisturizer and sunscreen will penetrate deeper into the skin, helping it remain protected and hydrated. Exfoliate twice a week and get a glowing look, which will help you shine in your swimwear.

3. Fake It!

Everyone should try and fake it at least once – a tan that is! It’s amazing what a bit of color to the skin can do. It’ll help you glow, conceal the blemishes, create the illusion that you’re smaller, and give you a whole heap of body confidence at the same time. Unfortunately, with the dangers of skin cancer, sun protection is necessary. Spending hours upon hours tanning on the beach is no longer an option, so if you’re not naturally bronzed (which is the majority of us), a good fake tan will do the trick. You can apply it yourself or you can get a professional fake tan, but just make sure you exfoliate first otherwise you’ll end up with patchy skin – a look that you’re not going for.

4. Treat Yourself

New swimwear can have a positive effect as well. For many, the idea of slipping into their swimsuit or board shorts causes a lot of anxiety. There’s a swimsuit out there for everyone whether it’s a one-piece swimsuit, a tankini, a crop top bikini, a pair of boy shorts (swim shorts for women), a pair of mid-length board shorts or something skimpier – whatever it is, you’ll find it. Aqua Design has a collection of fashionable swimsuits and beachwear for every body type. Know what you’re looking for and if you’re really unsure, get a friend’s opinion.

5. Get More Feel-Good Chemicals

There are many benefits of exercise. It helps us lose weight. It strengthens the heart. It lowers the risk of developing any chronic diseases in the future, and it helps keep your blood pressure at a healthy level.

But exercise is also good for another reason. It helps us feel better. It releases endorphins into our systems, uplifting our moods and therefore our confidence. All it takes is 30 minutes of light exercise a day, and there’s no excuse for not keeping it up when you’re at the beach because there are a lot of fun fitness beach activities to do as well from swimming to walking and playing Frisbee to surfing.

6. Cover Up

When you’re at the beach, you ought to be as covered as much as possible anyway – skin protection should always be one of your first thoughts. When you’re not swimming, there are plenty of ways to cover up whether it’s a cute wrap or a rash guard.

7. Embrace the Skort

Skorts are amazing in so many ways. They allow you to be more active on the beach in a modest way and if you’ve got any body insecurities, you can also wear a skort in lieu of bikini bottoms. They’re cute and functional and will suit any woman of any body shape.

You shouldn’t be ashamed of who you are. Wear your clothes, which includes your swimwear, with confidence. For a full range of stylish and flattering beachwear for men and women visit Aqua Design.

And remember, no one’s perfect – we were born to be real, not flawless.  

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