Choosing Plus Size Swimwear, An Intimate Guide

Choosing Plus Size Swimwear, An Intimate Guide

April 11, 2016

Most women find it difficult looking for new swimwear, but for the plus-size woman, it often comes with even more angst. Thankfully, Aqua Design has a range of plus-size swimwear that flatters.

Many curvier women are ashamed of their bodies, but they shouldn’t be. A curvy woman means you’re healthy and you’re able to bear children easily.[i] Not only this, ask any man you know as to what kind of body they prefer a woman to have, and almost every single one will tell you they prefer a woman with curves.[ii]

The truth is, no one’s 100% satisfied with their bodies. And as soon as summer begins to approach, you can hear unanimous groans from women across the country, who’re balking at the idea of having to put on a swimsuit in public.

Basically, it’s possible for anyone to look sexy on the beach regardless of their size, and it all boils down to making the right fashion choices.

Choosing plus size swimwear can seem really daunting, but you’d be surprised as to how many options there are when it comes to plus size swimsuits and bikinis. A lot of how good you look also boils down to how much confidence you have – as well as wearing your plus-size swimsuit, you’ve got wear confidence and a great big smile, because this is what sexy is!

Like we said before, any woman can look great in a swimsuit. So, instead of going into a panic and thinking of 101 ways to avoid getting into a bikini this summer, follow this guide for plus-size women and learn how you can still wear the right bikini or swimsuit and enjoy your vacation at the same time.

Your Body, Your Shape

No two women are the same. Every single woman is different in some way, that’s what makes us unique. One of the most important things to remember is to dress to your body shape. Enhance your favorite parts and conceal the areas that make you less confident.

Just because you’ve never worn a particular style of bikini or swimsuit before, it doesn’t mean you should dismiss it completely. You need to think outside the box. Dare to be different, and try on a number of swimsuit styles before you make that final purchase (or purchases). You never know, maybe you’ll find a different style of swimsuit that makes you look absolutely fabulous.

Once you figure out what your body shape is and what kind of swimsuits and bikinis suit you, you won’t find shopping for a plus-size swimsuit as scary as you once found it.

Sexy Swimsuits

Swimsuits are so huge right now, they’re actually one of the most popular forms of swimwear for women that are selling these days. Thanks to the retro style coming back into fashion, swimsuits are more popular than ever. Just a few years ago, the fashion police may have tried to arrest any woman wearing a swimsuit, but they’re set to be a big 2016 swimwear trend.

Swimsuits are perfect for women who don’t want to show off too much flesh. Of course, they’re considerably less revealing than bikinis and they offer enough coverage to make you feel comfortable. Swimsuits are usually flattering, and depending on the cut, color, and patterns, you can achieve a flattering swimsuit look without too much effort.

If you’re more petite, you can always elongate your body to give the illusion that you’re taller and slimmer; this can be done by choosing a swimsuit, which features colored side panels. Colored side panels also give you an instant tummy tuck and create the illusion of nipping your waist in all the right places. This, in turn, will create that greatly coveted hourglass figure.

Today, a number of plus-size swimsuits have extra bust support. This usually comes in the form of underwired cups. Why hide your chest, which is the envy of many girls, when you can flaunt what you’ve got by highlighting your best assets? You go, girl, because if you’ve got, rock it!

Halter neck swimsuits and racer back swimsuits are also a Godsend for a woman with curves. Not only do these two swimsuit styles offer you additional support they’re also extremely flattering.

Contrary to popular belief not all curvy girls have big boobs. If you’ve got a smaller bust size, there are also a number of plus-size swimsuits that offer padded and molded cup options.

Bikini Babe

Whoever said bikinis are only for women without hips was wrong. Anyone can wear a bikini; don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

If you often admire the bikini look on others but are too scared to try it out for yourself, go for a plus-size bikini with slightly larger bottoms. Choosing a slightly larger bikini pant has nothing to do with your backside’s width. It’s more to do with how high you want your bikini pants to go. A larger pair will allow for the material to be rolled, but if you want to conceal your belly area a little more, you can wear it up, creating a higher waistline, which is both slimming and flattering. It all depends on your personal preference and how body confident you are, but it’s always nice to have options no matter what!

Go for good bikinis designed for the curvier woman. Look for a plus-size bikini that offers you the right chest support. An ill-fitting bikini top will only accentuate your size, making you feel less confident. Get it right and look sexy on the beach with a gorgeous bikini for plus-size women.

Some women don’t feel 100% confident when choosing a ‘traditional’ style bikini. If you don’t want to wear bikini briefs, choose a pair of swim shorts for women. Swim shorts are fashionable, you’ll look cute, you’ll bring back that 50’s retro look, and it will lift your bottom a little more – why wouldn’t you want a pair? If you’ve got larger thighs, opt for a pair of cute bikini shorts that sit lower on your hips, so most of the attention is drawn upwards to your better assets.

Tankini Tigress

Bring out your inner-tigress with your plus-size tankini.

There’s something cute and youthful about the tankini. If you’re the type of woman, who wants a two-piece swimsuit but hates the idea of showing so much stomach, a tankini might be perfect for you.

The great thing about tankinis is their versatility. They suit almost any body type. Wear a pair of traditional bikini bottoms that show off your pins while concealing your troublesome tummy areas.

As soon as you try on your plus-size tankini for the first time, you’ll feel right at home. You’ll feel less restrained than when you wear a regular swimsuit, but at the same time, you’ll feel more secure than wearing a bikini. The tankini for the curvy women is the perfect medium between the two.

Remember, curves are beautiful, and if you’ve got them, flaunt them. Style has hardly anything to do with your size; it’s mostly about your attitude.

Aqua Design knows that women come in all shapes and sizes, which is why we’ve created a beachwear collection that suits every woman out there. We bring beauty back to the beaches while helping you feel more comfortable.

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