Best High Impact Sports Bra

Best High Impact Sports Bra

January 25, 2016

Best High Impact Sports Bra

Are you an active woman? Do you spend a lot of your time outdoors, being adventurous, working out, or playing sport?

If yes, read on!

Active women need a good sports bra. It’s absolutely essential. When you’re active, whether it’s running, working out at the gym, or even climbing, your breasts move a lot, causing discomfort, pain, excessive sweating, rashes, and much more.

Of course, it all depends on your size, but either way, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got an A cup or DD, you’ll need all the extra support you can get to ensure you remain comfortable. Investing in a decent sports bra will also protect your chest’s skin, which is also important considering this is some of a woman’s most delicate skin areas.

If the above is not reason enough to invest in a good sports bra, the following is: you might be able to build up your muscles around your chest area, making them well-defined, but your breasts actually don’t have any muscles whatsoever. This means that once the skin is damaged around this area, there’s no going back, and let’s face it, no woman in her right mind wants this!

Even if you have smaller breasts and little to support, an excessive amount of frequent stretching, caused by movement such as bouncing, will result in the sagging of your breasts and ultimately a loss of shape.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing a high-impact or low-impact kind of activity. You could be doing something as relaxing as yoga or something more strenuous such as running. A good sports bra is absolutely essential for every single sport!

The reasons for wearing a sports bra are pretty explicit, but that’s not where the problems usually lie. Unbelievably, there are so many women who still get a sports bra fitted incorrectly, so what’s the trick?

 Fitting Your Sports Bra

Luckily, fitting a sports bra is actually a lot easier than choosing and fitting a normal everyday bra. This is because sports bras, unlike a regular bra, lack under wiring, which is a common feature in most modern bras today. What’s more, when you fit a sports bra, it’s only based on your normal cup size, and not back measurements.

When you try on a sports bra for the first time, it’s always a good idea to do some jumps if you’ve got the chance. You might look strange bouncing up and down in the changing room of a store, but it’s definitely worth it. The same goes for buying sports bras online – don’t just push it to the back of your wardrobe immediately once it arrives, try it on and bounce about, and if it doesn’t fit, return and exchange it for another sports bra until you find the best sports bra for you!

The normal design of a sports bra is usually based on a range of stretch fabrics that have some resistance. The tight stretchiness should sit perfectly on your chest, and restrict your breasts’ movement – imagine bandaging or taping up your chest, the feeling should be somewhat similar.

If you only need your sports bra for yoga or other like low-impact activities, opt for a sports bra that will give you more of a compressive design, something similar to a crop top. If you’re looking for a more supportive sports bra for high-impact sports, such as aerobics and running, you’ll need a stretchy sports bra that has two separate cups for separation – this will give you the perfect hold and comfort!

It could be you need to buy a range of sports bras to suit you for different purposes, and if this is the case, don’t hold back. Here are a few shopping tips for what to look for in a sports bra:

 1. A Good Support System

There are few sports bras on the market that have under-wiring. These should be avoided. You might be inclined to think “Under wiring is a Godsend with my normal bra, so the same must apply for my sports bra!” Wrong! Under wiring in sports bras will only cause more abrasion, and therefore more discomfort.

All your sports bra support will or should come from the elasticated lower part of the bra that sits comfortably below your breasts.

If you’ve never worn a sports bra, it might feel odd at first. It will feel tight and very restrictive, but this is how it should feel. The idea of a sports bra is to wrap and compress your breasts; this will then allow you to move about, jump around, and run as much as you want without too much bounce!

When it comes to figuring out bra sizes for sports bras, it’s not difficult. The cup sizes on a sports bra and a regular bra are the same, and as a guideline, you should almost be able to get one of your fingers beneath the supportive lower cuff of your sports bra. It needs to be tight, but at the same time, it shouldn’t cut into your skin either.

Another great sports bra tip is you should always go a little bit tighter because the more you wear your sports bra the more it’s going to stretch!

 2. Strap Up

Like with your regular bras, there are different strap designs and sizes for sports bras…okay, well maybe they don’t have a strapless version, but you get what we’re saying.

If you’re looking for a really secure sports bra that will give you the maximum breast support you need, racer back bras are perfect, as they will offer overall support with your breasts and your back.

Always look for sports bras with thicker straps than usual. Ideally, they should have a width of at least 1 inch.

When it comes to straps, it’s a case of the more the better – you can never have too much support in a sports bra!

 3. Fabrics Matter

The fabric is important when it comes to a good sports bra. Almost every sports bra is made from synthetic fibers such as spandex, elastane, and polyester mesh; however, it’s necessary to read the labels well.

 4. Design – Don’t Forget How You Look

A bad sports bra will press your breasts together, leaving you with an unflattering, sausage-look – a look that no woman wants. When choosing a comfortable sports bra, think about separation – this will provide you with a more flattering look, and at the same time, there’s more room for adjustability.  

Seamless sports bras are also growing in popularity. Not only will they be almost invisible under your clothing, the seamless effect will also help you avoid any chafing or irritation; this is particularly beneficial if you’re the real go-getter, who loves high-impact sports such as running and cycling.

Aqua Design’s sports bras will take you from the gym right to the ocean if you wish. The high-quality material, the UPF 50+, and the cool versatile bra design means that your sports bra can also double up as a cute bikini top as well.

Make sure you get a good sports bra that fits because there’s no better feeling in the world than having the right support when working out. If you’re looking for a modern, well-designed sports bra that is comfortable and supportive, Aqua Design has a range of high-quality sports bras and active wear for women.

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