Long Sleeve Fishing Shirts And Stealthy Tactics For Greater Yields

Long Sleeve Fishing Shirts And Stealthy Tactics For Greater Yields

February 01, 2016

Have you been wondering what’s the deal with all the local fishermen wearing their camouflage fishing shirts everywhere? You’ve probably looked at them from your cars as you drove past and wondered, “Now, is that really necessary?”

Skilled fishermen will tell you “Yes, camouflage clothing for fishing does help.” At the end of the day, your approach to fly or conventional fishing is important. One of the most important things when fly-fishing is being able to get into a good casting position discreetly, and this is where your fishing camouflage clothing comes into play.  

Are you looking for more hookups? Well then, you need to move slowly, remain low, and wear camo – it’s as simple as that when you’re trying to approach a fish.

One of your main aims when fly-fishing should be to try and get as close as possible to the fish. This will result in a shorter cast being needed, and therefore you’ll have a much greater chance of making a great presentation and landing after the take. Other than how you move through the water and your balance, how you appear is also beneficial.

 Imagine Being The Fish

Okay, so this is a bit unrealistic – we don’t resemble a fish in any way, shape or form. However, if you can, imagine a huge unknown six-foot creature is chasing you, and there’s little room for escape. What would you do? Would you stop and take a picture, grab a snack…? No, you’re going to run for your life.

Well, the fish feel the same. When the fisherman approaches, it gets scared. It begins to think of its survival and nothing else. After all, many of its predators are skyward.

And if the fish is scared, its most likely not going to take the fly. Your goal is to move up to a feeding lane as close as possible so you can cast easily, but all of this has to be done without startling the fish.

In the perfect fishing world, your fish wouldn’t even have a clue you’re lurking near by.

Think a long the lines of the five senses. Fish are sensitive creatures, and research shows they have excellent vision and feel vibration and pressure in the water.

When you’re in camouflage fishing shirts and pants, the fish will have more trouble seeing you. Blending into nature is better known as skyward camouflage.

 Fishing Camouflage Isn’t For Weirdoes

Long sleeve fishing shirts, fishing vests, fishing masks, there are many types of specific clothes for fishing. These are a must when fishing, but they’ll always be better if they have a camouflage design. If you think about it, most of nature is marbled. Sky, trees, mangroves, canyon. That’s why wearing something marbled is more natural than solid colors. ­

It has nothing to do with being “fashionable” or trying to fit in. Being cool and fitting the part is one of the last things on a real fisherman’s mind. Wearing camouflage fishing clothing like a comfortable camouflage long-sleeve fishing shirt with utility pockets will help you conceal your approach.

For the fishing novices out there, you’re probably buckling at the thought. “Me, wearing camo, for fishing?”

There’s a social stigma about people who wear camouflage clothing – they’re weird!

Camouflage clothing for fishing is nothing like army camouflage. It’s more discreet. Forget wearing the ‘traditional’ camouflage, fishing camouflage requires something a little different.

The idea is to try and blend in better with your background or your environment, and in this case, for anglers, it’s skyward. Aqua Design’s unique water inspired clothing for fishermen allows the fishermen to blend in and become more inconspicuous. With a fusion of blues, whites, and greens, you’ll be able to blend in with the sky, plants, the water itself, and any other things that can be found that’s skyward. The unique patterns from Aqua Design allow you to adapt perfectly to every fishing environment, no matter what the season is.

 Using Your Surroundings For Cover

Other than your long-sleeve fishing shirt, fishing pants, and gloves, you can also help yourself blend in more by using your surroundings for cover.

You’re already wearing neutral colors and designs, so now it’s time to make the most of what nature has to offer. Riverbanks have diverse features. There are boulders, grassy shrubs, various plants, and even fallen logs that you can use to help you sneak up on your catch.

 Picture this…

As you watch your healthy-looking brown trout feed on insects in the river, imagine crouching along the shallow waters of some 30 feet, and finally squatting down behind one of the many large boulders.

From behind your boulder, you spot the big fish continuously rising. Without a second thought, you make a swift one-side arm cast. Your skilled presentation allows the fly to land above the seam and drift towards the fish that raises and gently sips the fly. Your fish is on.

When on a river, fishing areas with a lot of boulders and foliage are the perfect way to sneak up and cast your line. But what about salt water? Blending with the skyscape is just as important, if not more while on the flats. Saltwater species like bonefish are typically skittish and wary of anything that looks or moves unnaturally. Crouching while wearing skyward camo may be your best strategy at getting a shot of an approaching pod. Formulate a game plan and think as if you were the predator. Don’t be a random angler; use your tactics, camouflage fishing gear and surroundings for cover.

There’s more to fishing than just erratically casting your line out in the hope of catching something. Think concealment and think your natural surroundings. And before you make your move, make sure your leader, tippet, knots, and fly are in good condition and secure.

Regardless of whether you go fishing for trout in the nearby streams, walk the saltwater flats stalking permit, or casting to smallmouth bass in the nearby pond, wearing camouflage fishing apparel will yield you more success on the water. With Aqua Design’s unique range of water inspired camouflage clothing for fishermen, you’ll be able to assimilate into your surroundings without the likelihood of fish even knowing you're there.

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