Most Comfortable Flip Flops

Most Comfortable Flip Flops

January 18, 2016

How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Flip Flops and Look Awesome

All footwear is important, but the main thing to take into consideration before style is the comfort.

There are numerous cheap flip-flops available on the market, and when it comes to quality and comfort, you definitely get what you pay for.

Yes, a pair of $5 flip-flops might seem like an absolute bargain, and while this might be the case, you could be potentially destroying your health.

 The Problem with Cheap Flip-Flops…

Without being arrogant, we’ve got to be honest. The truth is cheap flip-flops won’t do you any good! They lack structure and there’s zero-foot support.

Foot fatigue is also a problem. If you can bend the flip-flop in half with ease or twist it into the shape of a pretzel, walk away from them - your feet will only end up tired and damaged.

This is completely opposite to what a good flip-flop is. A decent one will bend, but only when you need it to, and that is when you’re walking. Basically, what you need to look for in a quality pair of flip-flops is minimal flexibility, as this indicates correct balance, alignment, and arch support – three things you need to have healthy feet!

 Good Flip-Flops – The Stats!

Before we go into the finer details of choosing a pair of flip-flops, you need to think about what you’re going to be using your flip-flops for.

What’s your lifestyle? What kind of flip-flops will meet your lifestyle needs?

If you regularly wear flip-flops, you need to look carefully at the pair you buy.

The problem with most of us is we shop impulsively. We buy things without really thinking about it. Your new flip-flops might look great on in the store. They also probably feel great after walking a few steps while trying them on.

If you spend a lot of your time in flip-flops and you wear them to the beach or just for strolling around, focus on the overall comfort and fit of them. The material should be soft and cushiony, and it should feel nice and soft in every place the flip-flop has contact with your foot.

And if you’re the more adventurous type of person, who would even hike in flip-flops, you need to take the wear and tear into consideration as well, especially since many flip-flops actually stretch. Look for a pair of heavy-duty flip-flops that are non-abrasive, as this is the only way they’re going to stand the test of time. And if you’re the intrepid adventurer, who ends up wading through rivers and climbing cliff faces in flip-flops, look out for stability through traction. You’ll also have to take into consideration the conditions you’ll be in. The chances are you’ll be in both wet and dry conditions, so your flip-flops must be able to suit all elements.

 Flip-Flops and Your Comfort

It’s hard to find a decent pair of flip-flops that will check all the boxes, but your comfort should always take precedence, especially if you plan on wearing them for a longer period of time.

The sole is important, as is its material. Cheaper brands of flip-flops are mostly made of cheap components. While the price may be right, it’s recommended you steer clear of this type of footwear, as it doesn’t offer any contour support whatsoever. Additionally, cheaper soles are thin, and because of this, there’s little protection from sharp foreign objects. Opt for high-quality sole material such as EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), rubber or a combination of both.

A good pair of flip-flops will also be well engineered to offer arch support where necessary. But don’t be fooled by all the ‘gimmicks’. Cunning marketing tricks and added unnecessary features such as ‘air-support’ will often trick the buyer.

When it comes to the straps of your flip-flops – the thicker the better. Thin straps often cut into the skin, especially during more active or aggressive activity. Thinner ones are also more likely to stretch quicker, which will mean your shoe will no longer fit your foot properly, causing it to rub and cause abrasion or blisters.

 Strength Matters

Cheap flip-flops wear easily. After only a few months of use, it’s not uncommon for a hole to appear in the sole. This is all down to the sole’s material. The combo of EVA and rubber makes for a good durable pairing whereas single constructed soles can wear out quickly. So, opt for high-quality material that will work well together to provide you with better traction, flexibility, strength, and durability.

With cheaper flip-flops you’ll also notice that the toe strap stretches more, meaning you will no longer have that snug stable fit you initially had. Look for a thick solid Y foot strap made out of a combination of nubuck, leather and/or nylon polyurethane webbing, and you’ll find your flip-flops are not only more comfortable, they’ll also be able to maintain their structure better.


A good pair of flip-flops will suit a number of needs, especially if you’re the active type who loves being outdoors. A strong pair of versatile flip-flops will allow you to walk, lounge around, take short hikes, go for a bike ride, go bouldering, wade through rivers, and even go for a little jog. Some flip-flops will allow you to be more versatile than others, so before impulsively buying a pair, it’s important you consider your lifestyle and how active you are.

Good flip-flop traction will allow you more versatility. Examine the bottom of the shoe to see if there’s enough traction for your desired activities. Even though this might seem like the obvious thing to look out for, many people still overlook it. Deeper grooves with serrated zigzags or multi-directional patterns are going to offer you more grip and stability. Basically, a good flip-flop is going to be more versatile when the shoe has a solid balance of both strength and comfort.

Stability is also key - the more stable it is and feels on your foot, the tighter the connection between your foot’s movements and the shoe under it, which also means you’ll be able to do more in your flip-flops.

 Don’t Forget Style

Flip-flop style is also important. They need to look stylish for the reason that if you think they’re ugly, it’s highly likely you won’t even wear them and they’ll sit at the back of your wardrobe collecting dust. Consider everything above when choosing your flip-flop style and see if the functionality and style of the flip-flop meet your needs.

Simple is always safe as are darker more neutral colors as they’ll show less dirt.

You probably would never have thought that choosing a pair of flip-flops for an active lifestyle could be so complicated. It might seem this way, but once you learn what to look for in a pair of quality flip-flops, you’ll do it with ease. Your feet are important, and bad-fitting footwear can lead to injury and chronic pain in the future. Aqua Design’s stylish flip-flops will provide you with the stability and function you need to go about your active lifestyle and look amazing at the same time. Be active, be fit, be healthy, and be happy with the right active wear that will take you places.

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