Plus Size Bathing Suits

Plus Size Bathing Suits

January 11, 2016

Plus-Size Swimwear For Real Curves.

No matter what your body shape or size is, shopping for a good supportive swimsuit that does all the things it needs to do can be difficult. Add ‘looks good’ to the list and it’s not surprising that you feel like you’re facing a huge shopping challenge.

These days swimwear tends to be really skimpy (much skimpier than the past), and for many women, it’s just glorified skimpy lingerie for the beach, and this is something that can be really daunting and off-putting for the plus-size women.

In the US alone there are over 100 million women who fall into the plus-size category, so despite what you might think there’s swimwear for the curvy woman out there.[i]

The fact of the matter is there’s beachwear for everyone including bikinis and swimwear for plus-size women. Here are a few tips when it comes to looking for plus-size swimwear, and they all involve determining what your body type is and what you need to embrace and avoid so you can look your best on the beach or by the pool.

Don’t Be Turned Off By The Inherent Skimpiness

The main thing is not to be disheartened by the skimpy swimwear on offer – don’t let this limit your choices. For the curvy woman, finding quality swimwear that is the right size with the right support is important – this will help you feel both comfortable and confident because there’s nothing worse than a bikini that’s too small.

In the past (not so long ago), the plus-size woman was told to avoid bikinis. She was told to embrace an old-fashioned style one-piece swimsuit. She was also told to cover her body and wear black from head to toe. Today, the plus-size fashion industry is completely different. Instead of ‘concealing’ they lean more towards ‘revealing’ after all no one should be ashamed of their body. There are more and more brands such as Aqua Design that create swimsuits for all sizes, including plus-size bodies. This allows you to step away from the standard ‘black’ and search a wider variety of swimsuit styles that flatter your body, suit your personality, and complement your lifestyle.

Pretty Plus-Size Swimwear By Body Type

One of the best methods to use when shopping for swimsuits and bikinis for plus-size women is to shop according to your body type – this is somewhat a mix of art and science. Of course, you want to find a swimsuit that accentuates and highlights your best areas while at the same time concealing the bothersome ones, so follow this quick body type guide for finding the right plus-size swimwear.

Pear-shaped women should concentrate on focusing on their bust area and upper body while trying to de-emphasize the lower part. If you’ve got larger curvier legs, thighs, and backside in comparison to your upper half of your body, you’re most likely a pear. If you’re a pear and looking for a bikini, look for bottoms that are one color and then look at brightening it all up with a livelier more colorful bikini top to try and move the eyes upwards. Pears suit skorts, tankinis, or one-piece swimsuits that are colorful on top.

Apple-shaped women should try and focus eyes downwards, and flowing styles and designs are perfect for creating this. Apple suit prints more than solids. Solid colored swimsuits will only end up drawing more attention to your body. If you’re an apple, you’re busty, and have larger shoulders and/or stomachs. You have beautiful legs, so accentuate them by covering the bust. Choosing a tummy-trimming swimsuit with bright prints to draw the eyes down can do this. The best swimsuit for the apple is a beautiful one-piece patterned swimsuit.

Women with small wastes need to make them stand out because let’s face it – this is every woman’s dream – it really doesn’t matter if you’re curvy everywhere else because if you can play up your tiny waist well, you won’t have to worry about anything else. Draw even more attention to your waist with colors and prints, or if you’re really fashion-forward and don’t mind experimenting with fashion, add a belt.

Women with larger hips and chests, who have smaller waists, should try and accentuate the small waist area and upper body. This is easy if you think outside the square. Look out for plus-size swimsuits that will emphasize the waist, such as a bright colored top. If you’ve got a larger chest, you’ll know too well how important support is, and to be honest this should be one of the main criteria that you look for in a plus-size bikini. Well-supported color-block crop top bikinis work perfectly as do halter-tops. Opt for bikini tops with thicker straps to add that extra-added support

Ultimately, every single woman’s body is different, but in saying this every single body is and can be a bikini body, and that doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours on end every day at the gym in a bid to get there. No matter what your size or body type is, there’s a plus-size swimwear style out there for you. These styles range in a variety of plain to fun colors, vibrant to more subdued prints, and silhouettes. Aqua Design has taken every woman and body shape into mind. If you’re looking for a plus-size bikini or one-piece, plus-sized bathing suit that will flatter and make you sexier than you already are, Aqua Design has something for you.

You may have numerous problems, but don’t let your curves be one of them!

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