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Aqua Sky
Green Bayou
Pacific Sand
Black Water
Misty Sky

Camouflage Face Mask

Black and Gray Camouflage Face Mask

Protect Your Face as You Stalk Your Prey

  • Stay cool with breathable 100% AquaPoly Microfiber fabric.
  • Breathe easily with laser-cut mouth and nose vents that also reduce glasses fogging.
  • Keep it in place with a one-size-fits-most hook and loop size adjustment tab and an inner grip strap that helps keep the mask anchored.
  • Improved sun protection with front and back of neck coverage and UPF 50+ fabric.
  • All-day comfort with four-way stretch fabric that moves with you.

New and improved with wider, more adjustable velcro to fit an even broader size range.** When you’re on the water for hours at a time, the sun’s glare on the water can be very harmful if you’re not well prepared. You may already have a good hat to protect your head from the sun overhead, but have you considered protecting your face?

Pacific Sand Pro+ Face Mask By Aqua DesignThe SunGuard Fishing Mask Pro is a game-changer for anglers who spend countless hours on the water. Designed to cover your face from the eyes down, ears, and your entire neck, the SunGuard Mask provides excellent UPF 50+ sun protection, by simply slipping on the mask. You’ll be instantly sun-safe. Use less expensive sunblock that just gets all over everything. And to make sure your mask stays on, we added a GripStrap on the inner top portion of the mask to keep it from slipping around.

A common problem with face masks is that if you’re wearing sunglasses, your breath can easily fog them up. To solve this problem we made sure the SunGuard Mask has plenty of tiny laser-cut ventilation holes for your nose and mouth so you can breathe more easily and reduce fogging of your glasses. When it’s hot and humid, staying cool and dry is important so we made the mask out of breathable, moisture-wicking AquaPoly Microfiber fabric that is flexible, allowing for easy movement. Beyond the SunGuard Mask’s excellent sun protection and comfort, anglers are provided the extra advantage of “sky-ward” camouflage. You can choose from four vivid real-water 3-D camo prints to match your fishing environment and conceal your face as you stalk your prey. And when you’re in hot pursuit of a prized catch, the last thing you want to worry about is sunburn and with the SunGuard Fishing Mask Pro, all you have to do is slip it on and you’re set!

Note: Cap and shirt pictured not included.

Care Instructions:

Wash cold, no fabric softener, and low-heat dryer setting or hang dry.

Aqua Design Features Icons

Protect Your Face from the Sun and the Wind

The SunGuard Fishing Mask Pro makes sun protection easy. Made of 100% AquaPoly Microfiber, the SunGuard Mask is breathable, moisture-wicking, and rated UPF 50+ for ultimate sun protection. The fabric is a four-way stretch which means it moves with you, adding to the comfort of the mask. To make the mask even more comfortable for extended wear, we used flatlock stitching which reduces any possibility of abrasion. On the inside of the mask, you’ll find a GripStrap that helps the mask stay in place, so you won’t have to worry about it shifting when you’re focused on your cast. To keep your glasses from fogging, and to make it easier to breathe, we added vent holes. And to complete your head-to-toe water-inspired camo, the mask is available in four different 3-D water print “sky-ward” camouflage colors. With the SunGuard Fishing Mask Pro, you’ll keep your face well protected from the wind and the sun and concealed with effective water-inspired camouflage.


Aqua Water Design Camouflage Face Mask


Four 5-D Camo Colors:

Aqua Sky - Ideal for sunny to partly sunny skies.

Black Water - For those wanting a darker, more neutral color.

Green Bayou - Designed to blend in with trees and other vegetation along the shoreline.

Misty Sky - Ideal for overcast skies.

Pacific Sand - Earth tones to match sandy, rocky environments.

Suggested Wear:

  • Fishing
  • Sun Shield
  • Hiking
  • Paddle Sports
  • Travel
  • Backpacking
  • Leisure
  • Everyday Use


  • Proprietary “sky-ward” 3-D water print camouflage
  • Flatlock seams
  • 100% AquaPoly Microtwist Fabric
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Nose and mouth vent holes to reduce glasses fogging
  • Front and back neck cape for extra sun protection coverage
  • Four-way stretch fabric
  • Inner GripStrap to keep the mask in place

Aqua Design face masks are designed for sun protection and made with a certified UPF 50+ fabric. Our masks are not medically tested or registered for other purposes. We make no claims of particulate filtration, antiviral protection, antimicrobial protection, or infection prevention or reduction due to wearing Aqua Design face masks.

Note, this mask should not be worn by children under the age of 3. Nor should the mask be placed on anyone who is unconscious, incapacitated, has trouble breathing, or is otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.

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Maria P.
It could be a great product

I am a windsurfer and I was diagnosed with melanoma. Therefore these masks are a must for me. It would be soon a must for many people given that more and more places won't allow the use of sun lotions. I had previously bought the tube mask. I couldn't breath when I was sailing, so I did cut a piece under de nose and front of the mouth and attached a mesh. I also added a head band to ensure the mask would stay in place. I worked ok. I was excited when I saw the new masks with the holes for breathing so I ordered two of them. They are HUGE! for me more than half of the velcro was out. First improvement needed, this product needs at least three sizes. I fixed the masks by sewing two big folds that make the masks at least 4 inches smaller that way I am able to attach the velcro, though there is still at least one inch of the velcro out. And, I added a head band to ensure the masks stay in place. Your product would be very useful for a lot of sports other than fishing and for women as well, but you have to make it useful for others. I would be happy to talk to somebody to address some of those issues. With my "home made" adjustments the masks are very good.

Aqua Design

Thank you for your comments Maria! If you have some photos of your ideas you would be willing to share, we are always eager to learn what our customers like and want. We look forward to hearing more about your ideas and think another size in the Pro+ tube may be a perfect solution. Thank you for your support of our Idaho-based company.

Kristy E.
United States

We have 4 of these face masks. We use them when riding our Harley motorcycle. Feel like that is a group you could really sell these too, especially if they have different designs on them like skulls. It protects our face and ears from the harsh sun.

  • Title of review Love these for the motorcycle rides
Alan D.
United States
A bit too large

I like the material and the product, but it is a bit large and have to place the Velcro to its smallest size and put over my hat to avoid it falling down. As a result it's a bit bulky in the back.

  • Title of review A bit too large
Scott T.
United States
Fishing Hunting Camouflage Face Mask Pro

fished it this weekend and they fogged up briefly but not bad. Saved me from the sun 100% of the time!

Winston D.
Great products, great value for

Great products, great value for the money.

Robert M.
Easy & quick

Easy & quick

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