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Royal Ripple
Black Water
Pink Water
Green Bayou

Your Feet Will Thank You

  • Soft “Y” strap to keep your toes happy.
  • Soft upper straps to keep the tops of your feet happy.
  • Soft EVA cushions that conform to your feet.
  • Firm stability thanks to a second footbed layer that provides more support.
  • Durable and grippy thanks to a TPR rubber outer sole with serrated gripping treads.

Hit the beach, do a little dance, and parade in style with the Marina Flip Flop, where comfort meets durability and style. To keep your feet comfortable, the web “Y” strap is soft and comfortable between the toes and the upper straps that are soft against the feet. You’ll be standing on soft EVA cushion that molds to your feet, giving your feet the love they deserve. The flip flop’s durable outer sole is made of durable TBR rubber with serrated gripping threads to keep you from slipping. The Marina Flip Flops are available in four water inspired colors that go great with your other Aqua Design clothing.

Comfortable, Durable, Stylish

The Marina Flip Flop combines durability, style, and comfort to create a summer sandal that your feet will love. Soft EVA cushions molds to your feet providing all day comfort. A second footbed layer adds extra stability, and a durable EBR outer sole provides durability and traction. The soft straps feel great on your feet, and vibrant 3-D water prints make a serious fashion statement. To add an extra splash of flair we added a cute Mermaid Medallion where the straps join. If you’re looking for a great sandal for summer, the Marina Flip Flop is just what you need.

Four Colors:

  • Black Water
  • Green Bayou
  • Pink Water
  • Royal Ripple

Suggested Wear:

  • Beach
  • Poolside
  • Water parks
  • Boating
  • Leisure


  • Soft web “Y” strap
  • Soft upper strap
  • Slightly raised heel - 11/16” toe to 15/16” heel
  • Lightweight 3 layer sole:
    • Soft EVA cushion footbed
    • Second footbed layer for firmer stability
    • Durable TPR rubber outer sole
  • Serrated gripping tread


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