Sun Protection Face Masks and Neck Gaiters for Stealth and Style

Anyone who spends serious time in and around the water knows to take extra care against reflected sunlight. UV rays that bounce off the water have no respect for the fact that you are wearing a hat and your face is a prime target.  Stay protected all day from the sun, wind, and insects with the Aqua Design face masks and neck gaiters.

Our innovative Real Water camo print designs offer new levels of comfort for blending with the aquatic environment. Shop a wide selection of styles and colors for women and men. Breathable, moisture-wicking face masks and neck gaiters from Aqua Design have the perfect fit, feel, and function. Field-tested, innovative fabrics to keep you on top of your game. Perfect for fishing, hunting, paddling, sailing, landscaping, or kicking back on the beach. Since 1995, Aqua Design has you covered.




Size Charts

Headwear (Left) and Face Mask Tube (Right) Size Chart

Aqua Design | Men

Aqua Design Mens Size Chart

Aqua Design | Women

Aqua Design Womens Rash Guard Size Chart

Aqua Design Womens Sports Bra Size Chart

Aqua Design Womens Skort and Short Size Chart

Aqua Design Womens One Piece Swimwear Size Chart