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Misty Sky
Aqua Sky
Green Bayou
Pacific Sand

Be Prepared For The Journey

  • Stay dry with enhanced moisture-wicking properties.
  • Stay cool with breathable AquaPoly Microtwist fabric.
  • Stay stealthy with 3-D water print camouflage.
  • Sun Protection with fabric rated UPF 50+.
  • Plenty of storage thanks to two jumbo cargo storage hidden pockets that zip.
  • Hang it up with an inside hanging collar loop that’s easy to use.
  • Feel the breeze with dual back-vented side panels and printed mesh underarm ventilation.
  • Tuck it in or leave it out thanks to a versatile square-tail design.
  • Keep your tools handy with convenient tool tabs for nippers, hemostats or other tools.
  • Long-lasting camo print thanks to colorfast colors that extend the life of the vivid camo print.
  • Roll up your sleeves and keep them secured with a convenient button tab.
  • Look sharp with fabric that is virtually wrinkle-free.

Aqua Design Adventure Shirt, Aqua Sky colorDo you crave adventure? When you head out on your next journey into the wild, you need a shirt that can meet the demands of the unknown. Whether your adventure leads you to the tropics to stalk trophy fish, or to your local pond to cast to hungry bass, the Adventure Camo Fishing Shirt has all the cargo space, sun protection, and stealthy camo you need for a successful journey.

With 50% more cargo room than any other shirt we offer, you’ll have plenty of space to bring all your tackle, tools, food, and anything you else need to make your trip a success. A streamlined design makes this shirt incredibly comfortable, combining features like a hidden button-down collar and a low-profile vented back. This shirt is available in all four of our “sky-ward” camo colors that offer anglers and sportsmen an extra advantage as they stalk their prey.



Care Instructions:

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low or hang dry (fast-drying fabric), no fabric softener, no bleach. Follow care instructions and the fabric will not shrink.

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Comfort, Cargo, and Camo Unite

The Adventure Camo Fishing Shirt combines excellent sun protection, effective water-inspired camouflage, plenty of storage, and fast-drying, breathable fabric providing sportsmen the comfort and utility they need to have a great time on the water. Giant zippered entry cargo pockets give you plenty of space to bring all the gear you might need. Hidden buttons keep your collar anchored down so it won’t flap around when the wind picks up. When it’s hot and humid, you’ll appreciate the shirt's low-profile vented back and fabric that breathes to keep you cool. The UPF 50+ fabric makes sure you’ll stay well protected against the sun’s harmful UV rays. And the overall streamlined design makes this shirt not only highly functional but stylish enough so you can wear it straight from the river to a dinner party.

Four 3-D Camo Colors:


Fly fishing shirt features


Aqua Sky - Ideal for sunny to partly sunny skies.

Green Bayou - Designed to blend in with trees and other vegetation along the shoreline.

Misty Sky - Ideal for overcast skies.

Pacific Sand - Earth tones to match sandy, rocky environments.

Suggested Wear:

  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Boating
  • Hiking
  • Leisure
  • Sun Protection


  • Ultimate UPF 50+ (UPF 45 for Aqua Sky)
  • Marbled water pattern for easy, non-iron care
  • Inside collar hanging loop for easy use
  • Dual back-vented side panels
  • 100% AquaPoly Microtwist Fabric
  • Enhanced moisture management wicking fabric
  • YKK® side-pocket hidden zippers
  • Secure hidden zip pockets
  • Jumbo compartments with 50% more cargo area
  • Square tail for in/out wear
  • Tool tab for nippers, hemostats, or other tools
  • Colorfast colors extend the life of vivid camo print
  • Oversized buttons for easy on/off use
  • Roll-up sleeves with button tab
  • Virtually wrinkle-free
  • Printed mesh underarm vents

Weight: 12.5 oz., 354 g. (median weight for all sizes)

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Channing R.
United States United States
Too heavy and too hot for Florida's humidity

I will be writing a review of this shirt for First Coast Fly Fishers and other FFF organizations. Before doing so I want to get your comments on my experience. For 20 years I have been an everyday wearer of the #1 brand in the fishing shirt sector. Your vertical zip pockets are so much more functional and reliable than the old flap-and-velcro design. I purchased your shirt for the camo design but found the zip pockets to be revolutionary. (Ever had your cell phone or a box of flies fall into the water when the old flap-and-velcro pocket closure failed?) I had planned to stock up with four of these shirts in each design pattern. After wearing it I cannot. I must return the shirts. Unfortunately, I cannot wear your shirts in Florida. The ultra-tight weave is overkill. Major overkill. It causes excessive sweating. The dry weight of this shirt 3/4 of a pound. This is 50% heavier than the leading fishing shirt brand. Within 5 minutes of wearing this shirt in the Florida humidity, this shirt weighs 2 pounds. (High humidity means that rapid evaporation is not a naturally occurring benefit that we enjoy in Florida. Thus the reason that evaporative towels that work great in Arizona are worthless in the deep south.) My wife is a Dr. I understand the effects of the UV light spectrum. I know that "sun protection" is a new shirt selling feature. Let's be real. It's marketing hype. Yours is overkill that may **** this brand. In 50 years on the water, I have never received sunburn while wearing a shirt, any shirt. Trash the SPF 50 rating. It provides no real benefit to 90% of your target market. Make the shirt lighter and more breathable and I will take a dozen. With all due sincerity and hope for your success.

  • How do you use your Aqua Design apparel? Fishing
  • What do you like best about your Aqua Design clothing? Functionality
Aqua Design

Hello Channing, Even though we're disappointed to read that our Flats Shirt didn't work for you, we do appreciate your compliments about our uniquely designed zip pockets. The mention of our water camo design was a bonus. Although you make an interesting argument about sun protection vs. weight, we have thousands of Floridian customers who rely on our excellent UPF rating to keep their skin protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays. More on that subject is available here: In fact, over the past 10 years, Florida has maintained the #1 State for Aqua Design sales in the US. One final comment. When you wrote that “I know that ‘sun protection' is a new shirt selling feature,” that is not the case for Aqua Design. Since 1995, we have made sun protection a central focus for all activewear that we have produced. In fact, we are so nit-picky about helping our customers to avoid skin cancer that we go to the time and expense of US-based UPF certification. Moving forward, whatever clothing you choose for your outdoor adventures, we hope you stay skin safe. Tight lines, Rex Bledsoe, CEO Aqua Design

walter v.
United States United States
Aqua fishing shirt

Nice folks to buy from. I feel that Aquadesign really wants to treat there customers with respect. There products are on the right track for those of us who live to be on the water, especially saltwater. Priced for most folks and backed by there satisfaction guarantee. Hard to find products like there's without spending a lot more money. I know you can't satisfy everyone but it's nice to know they stand behind your purchase. Will be giving there products a good workout soon on the flats in Florida. Tight lines and God bless. Walter

  • How do you use your Aqua Design apparel? Fishing
  • What do you like best about your Aqua Design clothing? Functionality
Aqua Design

Thank you, Walter, for giving us such an awesome review. Reading your comment and this 5-Star rating makes our day! Your review of the Aqua Design Men's Fly Fishing Shirt means a lot to us. Thank you for choosing Aqua Design and we hope to hear about your upcoming adventures while wearing your new shirt.

Brian B.
United States United States
Good Shirt

I like the shirt a lot. Like the idea of vent back AND vented under the arm as well. Zippier pockets are nice and the fabric is silky to the touch. The watery camo is is good. The one thing I would change is to have taps on both pockets not only the right side. That would make it more functional for fly fishing which I will be using it for. A larger heavy type of tab to attach hemostats too would be ideal.

  • How do you use your Aqua Design apparel? Fishing
  • What do you like best about your Aqua Design clothing? Comfort
Aqua Design

Brian, thank you for your feedback! We are always eager to learn and understand what our customers like and want. We like your recommendations on how this particular feature would come in very useful to those who loves fly fishing. You may want to check out our Aqua Design Men's Voyager Long Sleeve Fishing Shirt ( It has a few more bells and whistles than the shirt that you purchased with tool attachments to secure a fishing rod, zinger tab, and a pen slot. Thank you for your purchase and review of Aqua Design Men's Fly Fishing Shirt.

Daniel L.
Fly Fishing Shirts Long Sleeve

I have three of these shirts, green, blue and tan...when not wearing them fishing, I wear them golfing...they are supple enough not to impede a golf swing, and due to the smooth feel of the fabric, as well can be worn without a layer underneath...if facing low temperatures occurring on early morning tee times, a long sleeve t shirt and the fishing shirt afford plenty warmth....plenty of easily accessible "pocket" space(s)... at 5 foot 8 inches, 205 lbs...large size right for me...recommend without hesitation...

Aqua Design

Thank you for such a helpful review! The Aqua Design Adventure Camo Fishing Shirt is made for optimal performance in and out of the water making it perfect for fishing and or golfing. Your review says it all! We appreciate your purchase of Aqua Design!

roger t.


craig d.
Best warm weather shirts I've

Best warm weather shirts I've ever worn.

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