Camo Fishing FAQ

Aqua Design Camouflage Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can fish see color - does camouflage really work?
    If fish weren't sensitive to color and patterns, we'd all be using gray-colored lures. 

    It's been proven by plenty of fishermen over the years that the effectiveness of a fly or lure will vary depending on the color. That's why there are so many color options for an identical lure or fly.

    Think about this. If fish can spot a size 24 mosquito landing on water, can it can spot a 6-foot angler wearing clothing with unnatural, solid colors?

    The primary function of camouflage is blending into the background. To accomplish this, solid color clothing must be avoided. Aqua Design's stealthy water apparel will help break up the outline and keep any angler from looking like a walking billboard.
  2. Wearing fishing camo seems like a new idea?
    That's true for humans, but fish have been using camouflage their whole life. In nature, any time there is prey and predator, camouflage is typically involved. Consider sharks and bonefish. 
    Predator: Shark - typically dark top with a light underside. If you were above the shark, the fish would blend into the dark bottom. Below the shark, the light underside would blend with light from the surface. 
    Prey: Bonefish. If you have ever seen these "gray ghosts" in the wild, you know how camouflaged they really are. By the untrained eye, bonefish are barely visible, even at a relatively close distance. Their marbled top and lighter underside blend into the background.
    Concealment: That's the story of camouflage. If you have fished for trout, bass, or bonefish, you know how spooky they can be. After all, with birds of prey, fish of prey, and anglers praying for fish, it's a war zone in the water. And that's why Aqua Design technical apparel can improve your odds. Developed from underwater photography - from the fish's perspective - Aqua Design will minimize detection by blending with the environment for optimized concealment.
  3. Are your clothes comfortable?
    Not only do they look great, but all Aqua Design garments are comfortable too! The fabrics, colors, and finish was chosen for each item is methodically selected based on a number of variables. For hot and humid climates, we offer 100% Microfiber options for their breathable properties. Wicking fabrics that are fast drying are also available in an array of color and style options. Also, the hand (industry lingo for the texture of a particular fabric) of each selected fabric is designed to be soft against the skin. And the sizing of all Aqua Design garments is generous. With our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured that we will stand behind our product with a money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. 
  4. Will my garment shrink?
    Shrinkage varies depending on the textile. For a 100% microfiber product, shrinkage is less than 3%. Be sure to follow the care instructions on the garment for complete details such as recommended wash and dry temperatures. Blended fabric items such as cotton/nylon [or] cotton/polyester, shrink a bit more in the 3% - 5% range. Again, observing care instructions is the best method to minimize shrinkage and retain the vivid water color. 
  5. How are your textiles selected?
    Various fabrics are used for a range of specific uses. You can be assured that all Aqua Design garments are made from superior-quality textiles. Our 100% microfiber fabric features both breathable and wicking properties that are desirable for hot and humid conditions. Additionally, your dermatologist should appreciate that our 100% microfiber and microfiber-blended garments have an ultra-violet protection rating (UPF) range from +45 to +50 UPF. That's good news if you're interested in skin protection. 
  6. Who wears your "water-inspired" apparel?
    In one sentence, a very diverse group of people. Customers such as fishermen (of course), lodge and outfitter staff, fishing guides, business travelers, sales reps, hunters, tarpon addicts, and at least one movie director that we know of. Aqua Design products will link your organization to water in a new, innovative way. 
  7. What other products use your trademarked water pattern?
    Wherever there's water, you will find unlimited ideas for using the innovative water pattern. We can give just about anything you can imagine a water theme using our pattern. In fact, numerous manufacturers have utilized the proprietary pattern for products like personal flotation devices, luggage, and even drift boats. See information about licensing below. 
  8. Do you license your exclusive water pattern?
    Yes. Think about all the products that are used in and around water. Since most of the earth's surface is H2O, it only stands to reason that decorating your merchandise with our water-inspired pattern makes sense. From apparel to watercraft, GPS to ice coolers, our proprietary water design will instantly identify your goods with water activities. If you can imagine it, more than likely we can wrap it in our proprietary Aqua Design water skin. For licensing or private labeled goods, complete this application -click here.
  9. If I license your design, is it legally protected?
    Absolutely. As the world leader in water-inspired design and camouflage, we are determined to protect our copyrights and trademarks against all infringements. By using our one-of-a-kind pattern, you can be assured your company's investment will be aggressively defended by any illegal encroachments of our unique design. Further details available upon request.
  10. What are some creative ways to use your products?
    At first glance, you may think that fishing is the only reason to wear Aqua Design. But consider this. When you embroider your organization's logo on our "water-wear," you position your brand as an innovator in your industry and that reinforces a positive impression of your organization. Our water-inspired clothing is the perfect solution for promotional awards, fundraising, resort wear, employee and corporate gifts, trade show staff uniforms, swimming team wear, souvenirs, and advertising specialties.
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