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Green Bayou

Protect Your Face from the Sun and the Wind

  • Protect your head, face, neck, ears from harmful UV rays with certified excellent UPF 45 50+ rated fabric.
  • Floating Bill will save the day if you accidentally lose your cap while on the water.
  • Stay cool and dry due to mesh inner liner and microtwist wicking fabric.
  • Removable Neck Cape with button on or unbutton off use.
  • Adjust to the perfect size using the adjustable shock cord with cordstopper closure.

This sun protective hat floats and has the feel, functionality and extreme camouflaging quality that lets you get up close and personal with wary fish. Keep the sun out of your eyes with the extra-long bill as you hike, backpack, birdwatch or fish. The fabric naturally sheds harmful UV rays with UPF 50+ sun protection, providing maximum protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, whether it is sunny and warm, or cloudy and dreary. This multipurpose cap and cape is designed to be used both in and out of the water. The 100% AquaPoly fabric is very breathable with the mesh inner-liner, as well as moisture wicking and fast drying. Enjoy a quick transition from water to land. Improved comfort over previous versions includes a new detachable cape for added ear and neck sun shield. There’s nothing like a trusty cap to provide unconditional love through thick and thin.

Our latest take on this classic design includes an extra-long 3 7/8" bill (9.8425 cm) that holds shape and floats. The optional button-on cape provides neck and ear UV shield. And if you never plan to use the cape, just clip off the attachment loops as shown in the photo. As an added bonus, the bill of the hat floats, so if your hat flies off your head, you’ll be able to retrieve it easily. The Aqua Design Fishing Cap With Optional Cape is extremely comfortable and quick-drying due to the moisture management AquaPoly fabric. Aqua Design headwear is a must for those who want to maximize their camouflage system and coordinates perfectly with our entire product line. Of course, like all products in the Aqua Design collection, this cap is the ultimate in visual cunning. Melt into nature with skyward water camouflage colors. The unique 3-D water print was created using actual water photography. One size fits most.

Care Instructions:

Wash cold, no fabric softener, and low-heat dryer setting or hang dry.

Aqua Design Features Icons

Available 5-D Camo Color:

Green Bayou - Designed to blend in with trees and other vegetation along the shoreline.


  • Sizes 6 7 5/8, (18 24 head circumference).
  • 100% AquaPoly Microtwist Fabric keeps you cool and dry.
  • UPF 50+ Colorfast fabric keeps the water pattern color vivid longer.
  • Virtually wrinkle-free fabric and marbled pattern makes traveling with the hat easy to use. 
Suggested Wear: 
  • Fishing
  • Sun Shield
  • Hiking
  • Paddle Sports
  • Travel
  • Backpacking
  • Leisure
  • Everyday Use
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